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Eterna Acamedia: Savanna Mishra by KuroKoSou
Eterna Acamedia: Savanna Mishra
:iconeterna-academia: :iconeterna-academia:

[ Basic Information ]

Name: Savanna Mishra
Nickname: N/A
Date of Birth: January 13
Gender: Female

Weight: 109lb

[ Magical Information ]

Status: Witch
Occupation: Student
Rank: Rank 1

Magical Ability: Elemental Water Manipulation

* Has little control over her magic
* Needs absolute focus and concentration, or will lose control over the element
* Can only control water she can see, and only the amount that is available
* Can not create water, or pull water out of places she can't see
Magical Aid: Familiar - A ferret named Oswald

[ Personal Information ]
Savanna is a happy, optimistic girl with a warm aura and a bright, friendly air. She's the type who believes that anyone is capable of good, if given the chance to prove themselves and maybe have a helping hand. She had been taught from a very early age to accept and respect others, even if they may not respect her in return; but she was also taught that she has every right to walk away from someone who continually mistreats her and is unapologetic about it. Having grown up in a finanically poor household, Savanna is good at making do with what she has, and is usually able to find a use for the most unlikely of objects. She is very grateful for any gifts she receives, no matter how big or small, and holds and cares for every item preciously. Savanna's a little naive when it comes to people though, and many (if not all) romantic interactions, innuendos, etc will go over her head and come off as strange and unusual behavior to her.

+ Resourceful
+ Light on feet
+ Trustworthy
+ Brave
+ Active
- Impulsive
- Naive
- Vague
- Slightly illiterate
- Too trusting sometimes

+ Head/Hair accessories - all of them.
+ Cute furry animals
+ Making new friends
+ Gifts of anything
Outdoor activities
- Complicated readings
- People who don't appreciate the value of their possessions
- Doctor visits
- Hair pulling
- Being snuck up from behind and scared (don't do it. seriously.)

History: Before Savanna was born, her mother was experiencing a rather difficult pregnancy; while Bea (her mother) prayed to the Lord in the heavens, her father, Kiran, prayed to the deities that watched over their house for the health and safety of mother and child. Whether it was pure coincidence or the effect of divine power, Bea's pregnancy pains were suddenly relieved, allowing her last few months to pass with ease. On the day Savanna was born, there was a sudden down pour of rain, despite reports claiming sunny skies all week. While no one else thought about it, Bea and Kiran found it quite odd that the rain started the moment Bea announced her water had broke.

At the age of six, while Savanna and her parents were returning home from a walk, Savanna was startled by an unexpected horn honk from a rude and impatient driver; the ground shook momentarily and some later claimed they could hear faint sounds of water gushing from beneath the concrete. After several complaints from residences in the area about the lack of running water, city maintenance discovered one of the underground water pipes had burst; although the main cause for the damage is unknown, officials claim that it was simply old age and rust. However, Savanna expressed to her parents that she felt responsible for causing the breakage when she got startled that day; she wasn't sure why or how, but she just knew it was her doing. Her parents dismissed it though and assured her that she had nothing to do with it.

One late evening, when Savanna was ten years old, the apartment above theirs started to leak through the ceiling. Since it was too late at night to call the landlord and no one lived above them, Kiran simply put a bucket under the dripping till it could be dealt with in the morning. The dripping was so loud and obnoxious to Savanna, though, that she couldn't sleep and quietly crawled out of bed to see if she could muffle the noise. Without thinking, she held her hand up at the ceiling, as though she could reach the leak to plug it up; instead the water began to pool and spread in mid-air, as if held up by an invisible floor. Savanna's parents walked into the room, having noticed she was no longer in bed, and saw her standing there with her hand up and a puddle of water forming in the air. Bea's surprised shriek startled Savanna and the growing pool suddenly came splashing down to the floor, creating a bigger mess than the dripping. Savanna was just as bewildered as her parents was and fervently apologised for the mess, and stuttering that she just wanted to stop the dripping noises. Bea and Kiran merely glanced at each other, jokingly blaming the other's gods for this.

Smaller incidents with water began to occur more often after that - the more disastrous ones usually happening whenever Savanna was frightened or surprised. Bea scoured through the library's archives, books, anything - even turning to fictional works and fantasies - to see if she could help her daughter learn to control this strange power over water, but as expected - the efforts were fruitless. Bea and Kiran began to worry for their daughter's safety - Savanna's powers seemed to be growing stronger as she got older, and the smaller incidents were starting to become more noticeable to the public eye. They were unsure how much longer they could keep this "talent" hidden before the neighbors would start gossiping and when fear and discrimination would spread. Fortunately their prayers would be answered, when Savanna comes up to them one day, claiming to have received a letter telling her about a school to help children just like her - children who had magic.

[ Relationship Information ]
Orientation: Unknown
Status: Single
Significant Other: None
Current Attraction[s]: N/A
Interests: Romantically? Nothing. Friendship-wise? Pretty much anyone who is not evil, creepy or psychotic.
Mother: Bea (Chanda) Mishra
Father: Kiran Mishra
Relationship[s]: N/A

[ Additional Information ]

- Seriously - don't scare her. She has little control over her powers and will likely make a pipe explode or something if she's near one at the time.
- She actually doesn't like really spicy foods, despite being of Indian origins.
- Savanna's mother is more modernistic, while her father is slightly more traditional, so Savanna tends to exhibit habits from both sides.
- Savanna's red hair is natural; so is her mother's (but Bea's is much darker).
- Due to her family's financial situation, Savanna's never been to a proper school; she is very excited to be attending school for the first time.

RP Style: Skype/Chat/Notes - Lit or Chat
I guess I won't post anything here anymore... there's really not much point anymore, since I mostly used this to participate in groups and stuff; but since every group I join seems to keep dying or I get rejected, it's kinda pointless now...

So I guess this is just an archive for favourites and stuff... If you want to un-watch me, be my guest.

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